TamaCycle Netwrap
Tama Cycle 3000m

Tama is proud to present:
TamaCycle Netwrap – Baling for a better tomorrow
This high performance netwrap is the latest step in our eco-baling revolution. By replacing virgin resources with recycled and reprocessed materials, Tama offers a first of its kind ecologic solution for Crop Baling Products.

After revolutionizing the baling industry by producing premium netwrap with much longer rolls and using less plastic per bale compared to other brands in the market, Tama is now taking a further step in its environmental revolution.

TamaCycle Netwrap offers you the ultimate baling experience with 2 major environmental benefits:

  • TamaCycle Netwrap is manufactured using significant percentages of post-industrial waste.
  • The product packaging includes 40% post-consumer, recycled material.
In addition to:
  • Core – Made of recycled paper.
  • Less plastic per bale – Lighter net.
  • Black and green Zebra pattern.
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More Information
Brand name Roll length Width Roll diameter Roll/pal
TamaCycle Netwrap 3000m 1215mm-1230mm 29cm 28


Together we grow for change – Closing the cycle
TamaCycle 3D Recycled Parts
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