Rani Wrap Stretchwrap
RaniWrap silage film manufacturers

Rani Plast is a pioneer. That is why we have updated the key features of RANI WRAP Stretchwrap: environment of quality bale wrapping.

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UV radiation damage Protection
Improved UV protection

To safeguard your bales through the season.

Improved tack
Improved tack

Ensures a powerful airtight seal for every bale, under all conditions.

Enhanced quality control
Enhanced quality control

Stringent quality control process including testing during production, laboratory analysis and in-field trials.

Improved traceability
Improved traceability

As a result of redesigned packaging.

High Quality Twine Uniformity and consistency
3–years guarantee for correctly stored RaniWrap
Name Roll dimensions Rolls per pallet Colour
Rani Wrap 750mm x 1500m 40 Black, Green
Rani Wrap 500mm x 1800m 48 Black, Green
Rani Wrap 375mm x 1500m 80 Black, Green
Rani Wrap 250mm x 1800m 96 Black, Green
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