Red Setter Plus<sup>®</sup> 3600m
Red Setter Plus Roll

Red Setter Plus® has always projected itself as the most classical roundbaler netwrap in Ireland. Reliable, strong, full-covering, it has proved an excellent performer with any kind of crop, in any condition. Thanks to its advanced technical solutions, flexibility of use and higher performance, Red Setter Plus® guarantees the best bale protection even after multiple handlings of bales.

red setter logo
Asymmetrical design

Red Setter Plus® has a blue stripe on one side, to identify the right and left sides of the roll; an essential aid when handling and unwrapping the bale.

red end
End-of-roll warning stripe

Red Setter Plus® has a red warning stripe that marks the last 70 meters of each roll, thus allowing the operator to anticipate the roll change and avoid expensive stops.

UV radiation damage Protection
Enhanced UV-protection

Red Setter Plus® has a double UV-protection: longer life and reliable performance over time.

Novatex Exclusive *MS Technology: the reasons for success
Robuster chains

Knots are the critical points of any thread. Novatex net wraps have half the number of knots compared to any other net wrap for balers. This means more resistance to breakage over time, even after repeated handling.

More weft density

Novatex net wraps have a greater number of meshes per linear metre. This increased density creates net wrap anchoring points leading to superior capacity in retaining the crop.

Flexible geometry

The Novatex Narrow Mesh is softer than the standard net wraps available on the market. This is because the reduced number of tension points (knots) allow natural movement of the weft, leaving it free to stretch in width and significantly improves “Edge-to-Edge” coverage of the bale.

Brand name Roll length Roll width Roll diameter Average strength Mesh type Rolls/pallet
Red Setter Plus® 3600 m 123 cm 28 cm 270 kg *MS - Narrow Mesh 28


Novatex Red Setter Leaflet
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